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An organisation working in the cultural sector through the Cultural Conversations project and representing Australian artist Yvonne Boag.

We have also established the Australian Centre for Oral History (ACOH). Click on the link below for more information.



This is our new web site. We hope you find it easy to use and that it answers any of your questions. 

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We have been spending a lot of our time recently in South Korea. We have done this as our director, Yvonne Boag, has had a number of exhibitions there and we have started the South Korean part of our Cultural Conversations project.


We have organised two exhibitions for the Cultural Conversations project. The first was held in February 2016 at Gallery LVS in Seoul and the second from March to June, 2016, at the Korean Cultural Centre in Sydney.

The exhibitions featured original artworks from fifteen of our published artists as well as showcasing all our published interviews.



Cultural Conversations is a unique cross-cultural exchange which overcomes the barrier of physical distance in order to celebrate the richness of cultural distance and difference.

Cultural Conversations is an online oral history archive of the visual arts in Australia and South Korea. 
Cultural Conversations focuses on eminent Australian and South Korean visual artists, with professionally produced video interviews 45-60 minutes in duration accompanied by simultaneous transcriptions and still images of works referred to in the discussion. 

As a free website, the project clearly has enormous international potential, both in taking Australian art to the world, but also in generating cross-cultural exchange.

© Paul McGillick 2015


We represent Yvonne Boag in her career as professional artist.

There is a disarming simplicity to Yvonne Boag’s paintings and prints ─ though certainly not her books and ‘therapeutic’ sculptures ─ which belies the complexity of the process which begets them.

And Yvonne is just as disarming when she talks about the work. “Mostly, I don’t know what I’m doing or why I’m doing it. I know what it is once I have done it.” This is evidence of just how instinctively she works. But it is an instinctual process which is again belied by the seemingly natural order of the finished work which suggests that it could not be anything other than what it is. This manifests itself in the rhythms across the surface of the painting where forms and colours engage in such an easy and rational conversation, and in the adroit tensions that Boag sets up between the formal character of the work and the imagery derived from the phenomenal world.

The phenomenal world is the driver of Yvonne Boag’s work. The work is a response to the world about her, not a representation of it. In that sense, it does what art has always done ─ namely, to transform sight into insight, into a heightened awareness of what it is to be in this world. 

© Paul McGillick 2015


Turtle Lane Studios has over twenty years history in renting out studio space to artists, including Peter Atkins, Aida Tomescu, Nicolle Ellis, Tom Loveday, Alexi Keywan, Melissah Chalker and Phaptawan Suwannakudt.

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We are setting up an artist in residency scheme for Korean artists wishing to spend some time in Sydney. This is not available yet but keep in touch if you are interested.


We have an exhibition space available for select exhibitions. We anticipate having short term exhibitions of Yvonne Boag's work as well as invited exhibitions. 

Contact us for more details.



DR. BOB JANSEN has over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry, encompassing the commercial, academic and research environments. He is a founding Director of the Cultural Conversations project and is the project's Chief Scientist responsible for all the technology used to process and publish the interviews. He produces and directs interviews as appropriate.

He has worked at ICL/Fujitsu as a Senior Product Specialist specialising in information retrieval; was a Principal Research Scientist and Program Manager of the Knowledge-Based Systems Program at the CSIRO Division of Mathematical and Information Sciences, was an invited professor at the Université Paris 1 - Sorbonne and the Université Paris 6 in France and was an invited senior researcher at INRIA and the CNRS, also in France.

He was a member of the Australian Vice Chancellors' Electronic Publishing Working Party, Standards Australia Committee IT19 Computer Applications in Information and Documentation, and the TF2001 Preservation of Australian Digital Information working party facilitating the long-term access to Australia's digitised heritage collections.

He was also a member and guest researcher at the CNRS Centre National des Textes et Manuscrits Modernes in France. He has extensive skills in designing Internet-based information systems and electronic publishing.


YVONNE BOAG is a practising artist with over 40 years of experience in the Australian and international arts sector. She regularly exhibits both within Australia and overseas and is represented in major Australian and international collections. She was the first Asialink artist in residence in South Korea and was awarded the Moyra-Dyring Studio in Paris, 1992, and the Australia Council's Tokyo studio, 1997.

Yvonne has extensive contacts in the arts community in Korea and has consulted to many Australian and Korean arts organisations wishing to forge links with appropriate institutions in the other country. Australian clients include Sydney University, the National Art School, and the University of New South Wales. Korean clients include Hong-ik University, Sookmyung Womens University and Chugje University. She has worked as a professor at various Korean tertiary art institutions, including Hong-ik University, and Ehwa Womens University.

In 1997 Yvonne curated an exchange exhibition of six Australian and Korean artists involving the Tin Sheds Gallery and Sir Herman Blank Gallery of the University of Sydney, The Walker Hill Arts Centre, in Seoul Korea, the Canberra School of Art and the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery. 

Yvonne is a founding Director of the Cultural Conversations project and a member of the project's artist selection committee.

Yvonne brings a wealth of visual art know-how to Turtle Lane Studios.

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Yvonne Boag
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